3 May 2015


Apple watch has arrived, it's light,well designed, elegant, and it fits right in your Apple tech collection. Is that enough of a reason to buy it ?
If you are iPhone, iPad tablet or iMac computer user, now you can complete your set with another piece of cutting edge technology - Apple's smartwatch.


First and foremost, a pleasant surprise to watch owner's comes from the simplicity and pretty fast interface interaction.It takes just a few soconds to get
to every option, and if we add gesture recognition on top of that, it makes the experience even more exciting.
Apple Watch keeps track of every major news and updates, like Twitter, stock market, upgrades and more, anything you want and set up is just a few "touches" away.
Of course, pairing it up with your iPhone5 and above smartphone is just as easy and elegant, but does pairing work with android smartphone also ? Well, not exactly ...


Apple Pay is another trending feature that is available and supported by this smartwatch, allowing Apple Watch users to pay for goods and services, only by using this smartwatch, and a
linked credit or debit card to their Apple Pay account.
On this smartwatch you can use all of your favorite applications, like Uber,Shazam,WeChat,Twitter,Facebook,Instagram, and many others.

Besides using Apple Watch touchscreen and gesture recognition, you can control the smartwatch using Siri - a built in, "intelligent assistant" that enables Apple users to operate
their devices and apps using voice commands.

If you want to stay in shape, and live healthy, this watch can also be of assistance.Apple Watch can be used to keep track of your heart pulse and workout sessions, and also 
warns you if you are spending too much time at your desk by advising you to take action, and start moving,running,training...


Apple Watch is a part of cutting edge technology that has started being a part of our everyday's life. And altho some people will look at it from a critical point, pointing out
to it's price, only iPhone5 and obove pairing ability and somewhat short battery life, others will jump right in and add this watch to their Apple devices collection, and enjoy prestige and modern design.
In the end, the choice is yours, but if it fits in your budget and the cutting edge tech is a part of your profile, why not ? 

Image credits:Shinya Suzuki/flickr


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