16 Feb 2015

11 methods on how to save android phone battery life

Before learning  how to save android phone battery life, lets discuss a little about android.
The android operating system has been considered to be one of the most popular mobile operating systems. This particular mobile operating system has revolutionized the world of mobile technology. The best part of android supported smart phone is that here you can have a huge amount of highly useful applications and some of the apps are very useful. As an android phone user you might have already realized the importance of having a long lasting battery life. Sometimes, a little extra battery life matters in a very significant way. Being a smart phone user it is really important to know how to optimize your battery life so that you can have an extended battery life. There are different ways to save your battery life. In this article, you will find 11 methods how to save android phone battery life without compromising any phone activities.

First of all, it is really important to find exactly what is taking away maximum amount of battery juice. Determining the cause of battery draining is really crucial. Most of the latest android smart phones provide the information about your battery usages and if your smart phone has no service like this then you can simply download an apps for free of cost and there you can find all the details of your battery usages. All you have to do is go the “Setting Option” of your smart phone and then you should go to the “About Us” where you can see the “Battery Life” option and you can easily see the usage there. On the basis of this date you can change the phone setting.

Dim the backlight:

Backlight itself consumes huge amount of battery charge. In that case lowering the backlight brightness would be the most intelligent decision. An android smart with low brightness backlight works for more time.

Keep dark colored background

If your phone has AMOLED screen then you should use dark background because this type of screen only illuminates the colored pixels. Always remember one thing that dark background would help you to save more battery.

Avoid auto brightness

Don’t use auto brightness feature because it is way brighter than you actually need. You should control the brightness manually and keep the brightness low when you are not using the phone.

Deactivate the vibration mode

Phone vibration takes more power from your battery. Always try not to use the vibration option.

Always use original battery for your smart phone

Presently the market is already over-flooded with different cheap batteries manufactured by local companies. The worst part of using such battery is that it comes with very poor performance and it would damage your phone also.

Make proper use of your wireless connection

You should keep your Bluetooth, WIFI, mobile date, NFC, GPS turned off when you actually don’t need the internet connection. All these wireless media consumes huge amount of battery life.

Use mobile data instead of WiFi

WIFI takes more battery power than using normal mobile data and that’s the reason you should use mobile data most of the time when you need to access internet.

Don’t use a live wall paper

Yes, it’s true that live wallpaper looks really good but at the same time it consumes a significant amount of battery also.

Don’t keep running background applications

You should not keep multiple applications running in the background of your window. Running apps always juices out more battery life. Navigate to the task manager and close all the running applications.

Set a low screen time off

Screen time out is that value of time after which your display is switched off and you should put a minimum time out option for your window.

Use power saving mode

The power saving mode, when turned on, makes the optimum use of your resources and thus helps in decreasing the consumption of the smartphone battery.

Overall, we hope that you have learn't quite a bit on how to save android batter life.


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