23 Dec 2014

IFTTT- automate the internet for you!

Have you ever wanted to make something on the internet automated, free of cost? If its a yes, I have got something exactly what you need- IFTTT

Wondering what that is?  Well IFTTT stands for if this then that, basically it works on the principles of triggers and actions to be carried out. Also, this nifty tool will help you in managing your social media accounts also!

Here at Techist.net, we use IFTTT to automate our facebook and twitter posts and it works 
like a breeze. Why do we do this? Well, we don't want to waste our time of social media and focus on other things such as creating info graphics, researching, keyword research etc. Moreover, this saves a lot of time and what really matters is the content which should be top notch. You can update your followers/fans about new posts on your blog, submit content to reddit automatically, and much more, in fact this is just a small portion of all the features IFTTT has. For some, this might not be great, but Im sure that for a majority of the people out there, this service is really going to be helpful. 

The company raised $7 million in series A funding in late 2012 and further raised $30 million in series B funding in august 2014. This has provided the company a perfect launch pad for pretty much everything ranging from hiring to new upgrades. The best part about IFTTT s that they're a free service! Thats right folks, completely free but it has been a routine process for me to research how they plan to monetize this amazing service and if you are interested in this, please stay updated and visit Techist.net regularly, because I'm surely going to whip up a post in the coming few days regarding how IFTTT can be monetized because this service is surely bound to get more and more poupular in the near future.

To start using different services, you first need to activate channels, which are varied accounts such as facebook, twitter, reddit, digg, delicious etc. Once you've activated them, you can create a receipe in which you

  • create a trigger, for example, lets take the blogger account. You choose the option that says whenever theres a new post which acts as a trigger for the action to be performed.

  • Next, you create an "Action channel" which is the automated stuff whenever a trigger is created. For example, you want to automate your facebook posting on your wordpress blog or blogger blog, you create a trigger which is really easy by choosing your CMS service and then you need to customize the trigger. Then you will need to create an action, and choose facebook pages for that, and then you can further customize the action which can be the text content snippet etc.

Overall, all I can say is that IFTTT is a really promising service and I am really curious to know how they might monetize their service. IFTTT is a perfect blend of simplicity coupled with a capability to perform the required task and in the current era, thats exactly what is required.


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