20 Dec 2014

Cicle Bitcoin exchange's new app

This is the era of a new, of a more flat design concept. Apple introduced it in iOS 7, Android was more slower, taking its time, until they came up with the concept of Material Design, a design concept with elements behaving like those in the real world. Also, material design introduces a very flat UI for the user.
Now, having these very beautiful design concepts, you do need an app for all the fields which provides you this beauty. In terms of crypto currency, and more specifically, Bitcoin, there will be a lot of users wishing for a wallet that offers aesthetics as well as functions. Circle, a finance company which operates in Bitcoin, has released a mobile wallet app which seemingly satisfies the users. Its simplicity and security have been the factors which have made it very popular.
Also, like any other app, this one too has a few extra tricks up its sleeves. The app allows you to send payment requests via email, and if the recipient is a circle user, he can just click a link to pay. Alternatively, if he is not a circle user, he can choose to either make a circle account or to forward it using a Bitcoin address. Also, if you are a Apple user and you have a device with Touch-ID, then you can confirm transactions with your fingerprint.
In conclusion, Circle is one of the first Bitcoin Wallet apps to carry Material Design and in addition, it is free as well, with some nifty features added on to it. So, our recommendation is, download it since you will not get a better package of design and functionality anywhere else.


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