2 Oct 2014

Nexus 6 - Expectations and Leaks

With the launch of the next Nexus looming over us, here is what we want and also what has been leaked about it.


One of the major leaks is that Nexus X or the Nexus

6 will purportedly boast a 5.9" screen, which is way too big for the Nexus standards. Also, this Nexus will be built by Motorola, and not LG as expected. This version of Nexus will come with Android L, the upcoming version of Google Android, of which we have posted a brief description here.


We want everything that was not there in the last Nexus, that is, Nexus 5 to be in this one. First off, we want more than 3GB RAM. Android, as we know, isn't a very memory efficient OS and performs good in more than 2GB of RAM. Android L, since it has so many visual modifications, should perform fluidly in more than 3GB RAM.
Last time, "Nexus 5 came in with a camera which performed okay, but in this one, we hope it comes with OIS and a better image processing sensor. It would be really nice to take good pictures with a Nexus.
The Snapdragon 810 is Qualcomm's latest processor, so we expect the Nexus to come with that as well. The processing power and the 64 bit computing of this processor will be enough to give Nexus 6 huge Benchmarks. 
Also, a 4K display that gives a pixel density of more than 500 ppi would be really good. Alongside that, we want a SUPER AMOLED display and a Sapphire crystal glass would give the phone an edge over the others in the market.
The nice Graphite feel of Nexus 5 worked, but like in the Moto X, that rubber finish felt a little more solid. Also, a removable back and battery and an SD Card External expansion upto 128GB wouldn't hurt at all. We also expect the Nexus 6 to come in single - SIM and dual - SIM variants, to suit business and personal use.
Battery is also one of the main issues with many phones these days - the phones hardly last a day when in use although older phones were giving us more than three days of battery life. So we decided, we will not settle for a battery that has a capacity of less than 3000mAh. It will not last even a few hours if the battery is less than the specified capacity. Also, why can't Google add an ultra power saving mode in the phone? I found that feature in S5 really useful.


We would like the phone to be really amazing and it will be really nice if the Nexus 6 came in an affordable price range like the Nexus 5. Let's see what Google does and hope that it will be a game - changer.

This article was written by Vignesh, the moderator and editor at Techist.net. For any issues, doubts and suggestions, please mail him at vignesh@techist.net. 


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