15 Oct 2014

LG G Watch R Impressions


LG G Watch R  pestoverde/Flickr
The first shot of LG into the round smart watch category is by far the best smart watch lg has ever made. Unveiled at IFA 2014 it comes with a completely round display and a pixel dense display that is sharp and bright enough to use outdoors. Let find out if this is worth the money we spend on it. 
The biggest feature of the Lg G watch R is its completely round display with no bezels at the bottom or around the display. Powered by the standard snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2 GHZ and 410 milli-ampere battery. Lg clams that the watch can last for one and a half to two days on moderate use. 

What's in it?

LG G Watch R  pestoverde/Flickr
Running android wear version 1.0 on a display of 1.3 inches that is made up of OLED so that it can remain on all the time without effecting the battery life a lot.it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to get connected to your phone. It is compatible with any phone with android 4.3(jelly bean) or above. The watch comes with 4 GB of storage and 512 MB of ram. The watch features a large number sensors, they include a Gyroscope, an accelerometer, a Compass, Barometer and Heart Rate Monitor. The watch has a 22 mm leather band which is changeable and an aluminum frame to house all the components. The charger is the same as the one on the original G watch but just rounded off to fit the new design. The watch also has IP67 certification that makes it water resistance to one meter of water for 30 minutes and also dust resistant no matter how small the grain. This watch brings the same amount of functionality as the original G watch but on a round design. 


In the end the watch is one of the best that today’s hardware and software can deliverer but 
lacks an ambient light sensor and it will be far too large with people with small wrists.it is a 
perfect upgrade for any one coming from a g-shock or similar sized watches. The charging 
dock is also not very easy to use compared to some of the other offerings. The prizing is 
expected to be between 250-300 dollars. So let’s see how it fairs when it actually releases 
against some the other smart watches. It is expected to hit the market at some time in late 
October or early November.

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