18 Oct 2014

IPad Air 2 in-depth Review


The iPad Air 2 was one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year and almost every feature was anticipated, such as he TOUCH ID.
 The launch of the ipad began when Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said "I'd like to talk about the iPad."
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 And he mentioned that it was a unique blend of simplicity and capability and he also mentioned that the iPad was jampacked with advanced technology and due to this reason, consumers were using it in unimaginable ways. This was transforming everything.He then went on to mention that since the first generation of iPad, Apple had sold over 225 million iPads and this number beat over sales of PC in the third quarter by a huge number. He also mentioned that the iPad mini retina was getting number one customer satisfaction. With over 675,000 iPad apps, The iPad was number one in usage, education, enterprise and consumer. All this was put into the size of a pencil with the iPad Air.
THIS Was the big moment and I came to know that at this very moment they were going to release another iPad.
Tim Cook said that the team didn't know what to do when they made the best Tablet, the iPad Air. Then dawned the big moment, they showed a video with the same pencil which was used to "put the power of an iPad into a pencil" and the video showed the pencil's thickness being trimmed by some sort of a bluish laser. And then, the video showed the iPad Air 2, the world's slimmest tablet.
iPad Air 2 is just 6.1 mm thick which is just amazing. Actually, it's not amazing, it's much, much more. It's the Stradivarius of all the tablets in the whole universe. Comparing this to the first generation iPad, which had a thickness of 13.4 mm, even if you pile up two iPad Air 2's you'd have a total thickness of 12.2 mm ! Still slimmer than the first generation iPad.


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The iPad Air 2 is 18% thinner than the original iPad air and it has a single component and reduced air gap to reduce the thickness. One of the major additions to the iPad air 2 is the anti reflective layer which reduces the reflections by 56 percent. This is by far, something which I've never seen before and this might just be something which many companies are going to mimic soon. This process was done by combining three layers, namely the cover glass, touch sensor and LCD. This ensures that the colors have a great contrast, the are much richer and the images are sharp. Though the display is still at 2048x1536 pixels which is the same as the iPad Air, the anti reflective coating is something new and really cool.


The iPad air 2 has a much advanced A8X processor which was just not expected. I thought that Apple would integrate the A8 processor which first featured in the iPhone 6 and 6 plus but I'm glad that Apple has made another processor which is perfect for the iPad air 2. In fact, Apple even invited Adidas Dailide and Jeff Boulder, who created Pixlemator and Replay, to demonstrate their apps running on the iPad air 2 and the RESULTS? Amazing! The response time was really amazing, Jeff boudier from Replay 
demonstrated creating a video by combining many short clips by selecting the videos from a trip and it didn't even process! The movie started playing immediately and Jeff sais
"My movie is already playing, what just happened?"

The A8X processor is very advanced. It has 3 billion transistors compared to the 1 billion transistors that iPad Air had. It has a 40% faster CPU and a 2.5 times faster GPU. Comparing the A8X processor to the iPad 1, which featured the A4 chip, the A8X is 12 times faster and the Graphics is 180 times faster! Once the iPad Air two is out, we will definitely try to perform a benchmark test to compare it with the iPad Air.


There miught be many new things in the iPad Air, but the best feature so far has been the iSight camera. It is jam packed with a whole new set of features that are just top notch.

The new iSight camera has an 8 MP (Mega-pixel) rear camera with 1.12 micro pixels and a 2.4 Aperture that can shoot 1080p videos

It can also take a panorama snap upto 4.3 MP. It also features the Burst mode which I would have loved if it was featured on the iPad Air itself(you had to use the volume rocker buttons for a not so good alternative of burst mode). Up next, theres Timelapse which is really nice. To demonstrate this, the audience were shown two videos, one was a ballon festival and the other, George Clooney's wedding boat parade!

The iSight camera can also shoot slo-mo (slow motion) videos at 120 fps(frames per second) and still maintaining a good resolution of 720x1280.
The facetime camera also features some nifty features such as HDR with a single image. It also allows 81% more light.


The iPad Air two features the 802.11 ac wireless networking standard with MIMO(multiple input-multiple output) and 2.8 times faster. The is a 20 band LTE(long term evolution a.k.a 4G) with 150 MBPS speeds.

Touch ID - The most requested feature

Tim Cook stated that Touch ID was the most requested feature for the iPad and voila! They've incorporated Touch ID into the iPad Air 2.


The iPad Air is definitely something to watch out for. Once it comes out, we can really compare the speeds to the A8 processor and then find out.In addition, I will create much much better in depth review of the iPad Air 2 once its released and come up with a few nifty tricks. Stay tuned !

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