26 Oct 2014

The New Face of Email - Google Inbox


If you are a person who uses GMail a lot, or you are a tech geek, you may have definitely heard of Google's new email app, Google Inbox. It introduces the new design parameters set by Google, which they are calling Material Design, and it looks beautiful. 

What does Inbox do?

If you have not yet done some groundwork on the app, then this question will probably be plaguing your mind because, I mean, what can a new email app do? Email is email, and the way it works cannot be changed, right?
Wrong! Because Google has found a way of doing so, and based on my experience, it works really well. It prioritizes your email, and also groups them according to your actions. For example, it groups all of your purchases, or it could be any promotions etc. Google is calling this bundles.
The create button opens a list of actions. You can create a new mail or a remainder and there is also other things you can do. Oh, and remainders. It will come to you as a mail in the time given, and that functionality is really good.
Apart form all that, there are really subtle changes to your user experience that you might not notice, like the new fonts or the new animations.
Oh, and did I forget to mention that it works seamlessly with your GMail account, and you don't have to go through a long drawn process to get it up and running.

How can you get it?

Here's the bad news. Inbox is invite only - fortunately I got my invite and its working out quite well for me! If you too want the invite, then you have to email "inbox@google.com". You don't have to type about any requests or whatsoever - just send a blank mail, with no subject to inbox@google.com, and thats it, you are good to go. Immediately after the mail is sent, you'll get a confirmation saying that Google will send you an invite whenever possible.
The app, however, is available for download at the play store, and you can download it, but not use it because it requires an account that has been activated with the invite.
Also, please note that i wrote this article barely hours after i got the app, so there will be a more detailed review coming soon!

This article was written by Vignesh, the moderator and editor at Techist.net. For any issues, doubts and suggestions, please mail him at vignesh@techist.net. 


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