22 Oct 2014

Apple's next generation Operating System - OS X 10.10 Yosemite


Apple recently released OS X 10.10 or Yosemite at its special event on the 16th of October to the public. It was made available for free in the App Store, from where you can download it for free if you have a Mac. It is quite a bulky update, considering the visual overhaul. This update is a major one to OS X.One of the major things that you will notice after you update is the sleek, minimalist, transparent, layered look that Apple introduced in iOS 7. The design is appealing and very easy on the eyes. The Notification center has been given a major design upgrade as well. Now it carries on the design of the notification center of iOS 8, with a similar transparent effect and also the functionality of adding widgets to it.The window animations have been changed, and they even changed the font, which is quite pleasing to the eyes. Apart from the look, there are some other changes they have made to the OS. Lets see what all apps have been updated with new look, and what other funcationalities have been added to this version of OS X.
The Notification Center



FaceTime now takes a live recording of you when you open it, which just looks awsome. It also adds some sort of filter over the live recording, which makes viewing the text easier.

FaceTime in Yosemite


iMessage also has that new look now, with the toolbar being translucent with that simple feel. The iMessage app also now has the ability to send texts if you have an iPhone. It also adds the functionality to send voice message and video recordings. You can also share locations which is quite an awaited feature for this app.
The iMessage App


Apple Maps has taken a leap forward from where it used to be earlier. Not only has it been updated with a new design, but the accuracy has improved substantially. It is able to track your location upto 100 meters accurately which is really a huge improvement for a new player in this field.
The Maps App

File Vault

File Vault is a new feature which has been added to OS X. This allows the user to encrypt the content of his/her hard drive, a much awaited feature which has been present in its rival operating system, Windows since Windows 7. The encrypted data can only be accessed with the key provided. Personally, this feature is a pain to setup. You have to keep your Mac plugged in all the time (that is, if you have a Laptop), and it takes approximately more than an hour to finish the process.

Spotlight Search

Spotlight now has a new design, and it has been updated with the same parameters as in iOS 8. Additionally, it guesses what you are seraching for, and that is really helpful. It also has been updated with the new design. It recommends search terms as well, and I found this to be helpful while searching for information.
Spotlight has this new sleek design


iWork is a package consisting of Pages, Keynote and Numbers. It is basically Apple's mock up of Microsoft Office, with Pages resembling Word, Keynote for PowerPoint and Numbers resembling Excel. They all have the new look now.Keynote now has cool new text features and animations that might give it a very tiny edge over the more influential PowerPoint.Numbers now allows you to transpose tables and format them easily.


Safari, like Spotlight, now completes your search terms. It has been updated to the new look, and with it, they have included a "Bird's Eye" tab view, which is really convenient. Apple also claims that Safari loads JavaScript six times faster, and also gives you 2 hours of more battery life than before.
Safari's new tab view


The eMail app of this Operating System has been redesigned completely. This new interface promotes better organization of the mail in your inbox. Mail also now supports mail marking, or, in other words, labelling your mail. You also get 5GB for each mail now.

AirDrop and AirPlay

AirDrop and AirPlay now have added functionalities. AirPlay can now stream videos from your iPhone to your Apple TV wirelessly without having a WiFi connection in your devices.
AirDrop now lets you transfer larger amounts and more types of files, for example, your email amongst your Apple devices.

Continuity and Family Sharing

 Apple has introduced two new features, Continuity and Family Sharing, about which we have already written in our iOS 8 article which can be found here. Continuity maintains your work amongst all your iDevices, which is quite convenient. Also, if you were working on a Mac and needed to continue the same work on your iPad, all you have to do now is swipe up from the bottom of your iPad in the exact same app which you were working on, you can continue from exactly where you left your work earlier.

Other Stuff

An honorable mention to the beautiful trash can icon present in the dock of this OS, although I feel that they could have added the way to delete files using the delete button itself, since going to the menu and clicking "Move to trash" is a huge pain. Also shout out to those who don't know, the latest iMac comes with a 5K Retina display which is a huge leap from the current standards of screen resolutions. Apple Pay is also up now and people can use it if they think it is a secured and reliable source of paying online. Also, in Yosemite, the iTunes app does not look that great, it needs lots of improvements.
iTunes in Yosemite


All in all, Yosemite is just the incorporation of the style that Apple introduced last year in iOS 7 into the OS X operating system. Also I would like to mention that this update takes up a lot of space, so Apple now needs to concentrate on making this OS a lot lighter. If you are a fan of new design brought in by Apple, and you have a Mac waiting to be updated, Yosemite will give you a real treat. 

This article was written by Sushmita, an author at Techist.net. If you have any doubts or suggestions, leave them in the comments section below or mail them to admin@techist.net   


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