1 Oct 2014

Affiliate programs - Benefits and uses

Affliate programmes - benefits and uses

Affiliate programs are the new trend. Almost each and every blogger in the whole sphere of blogging has started to use affiliate programs and here at Techist.net, we have started a Dreamhost affiliate program, but not to make money, but to test it.

Why affiliate

Usually, bloggers make more money depending on the amount of traffic they get but with affiliate programs, even if you get 1000 visitors per month, which can be done quite easily, you can generate lot of revenue. For example, almost all the hosting companies offer atleast $30 per signup and this goes up to $125 per sign up. Moreover, you dont need to have high amount of traffic which is really good for beginners. In addition, most of the bloggers have really good communication skills so this can help you in 

Consider the following

  • You get 1000 unique visitors per month
  • You have signed up for an affiliate program which offers $50 per sign up
  • 5 % of your visitors sign up considerign that your content is related to the product you're affiliated to


5% of 1000 is 50 sign ups
Therefore you'd be making $50*50 = $2500


As you all know, Adsense is the most advanced advertisement network and at the same time it is very difficult to get into it. But lets assume that you got into adsense, and got a CTR(Click through rate) of 10% which is actually very high, you'd get 1000 clicks with 10000 unique views. In addition, if your CPC(Cost per click) was $0.2 per click your earnings would be 
0.2 * 1000 = $200


As you have very well seen above, with just 5% of your visitors signing up for your affiliate program, you can earn $2500 and on the other hand, Adsense would generate a mere $200 considering that your content is perfect. affiliate programs have no limit, and if you have really good writing and convincing skills, you can make much more money from affiliate programmes. I will be covering more and more about affiliate programs and also the top affiliate programmes which pay very high per signup. 

This post was written by Advaith, the founder, owner and admin of Techist.net. Please contact Advaith@techist.net or admin@techist.net for any queries 


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