26 Oct 2014

Nexus 9 Impressions

With the top-notch hardware and software this system sure has some a lot of potential to offer when it comes to functionality.  The new Nexus 9 tablet which is the first to ship with the new version of Android, which is Lollipop, for sure is one of the most powerful Android tablets currently in the market. So let’s find out exactly how powerful this tablet actually is.
To start this tablet is made by HTC so the build quality is awesome, with its metal rim, small bezels and soft touch back. This tablet is built perfectly for use in the hand.

Maria Elena

 The tablet is one of the only three devices that have the mighty 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 chipset in them. One of the two others is the Nvdia Shield tablet and the Xiaomi MI Pad. It sports 2GB of RAM and is available in two variants, which are the 16GB WI-Fi only model and the 64GB WI-Fi and LTE model. Both have a QHD display with a size of 8.9 inches whose pixel density comes at 293 ppi with an aspect ratio of 4:3 that is a big change from the previous 16:9 aspect ratio. The display also has other nifty functions, like the screen can double tapped for waking the device up, just like the HTC One M8. The device has a 192 Core Kepler GPU that is capable of running all sorts of software without any lag, including Google Earth, one of the most resource-requiring app still available in the Google play store. The complete device weighs 425 grams. The back camera is of 8MP with a singular flash and the front is of 1.6MP both having an aperture of 2.4. The tablet also comes with a 6700 MAh battery much larger than the previous generation. The tablet is also very great for media consuming as it has HTC boom sound front speakers that are the best in the market currently.  But still manages to be much thinner to its previous generation. The tablet was also launched with an official Google cover which magnetically attaches to the tablet and adds keyboard functionality to the tablet.
Overall, this is one the best built and equipped tablets out of those which are available today but although the chip can support a 64 bit operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop still operates in 32 bit. It is also very aggressively priced at 400 dollars for the 16GB only WIFI model and 500 dollars for the 32GB LTE version. Although the tablet is very well equipped with the 64 bit processor 3GB of ram would be really good for this tablet.


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