27 Sep 2014

Windows phone - A short take

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Microsoft, the giant of all tech giants, recently joined the touch phone market. It introduced it's first touch based operating system, windows phone mango or windows phone 7.5  a few years ago with its flagship phone being the Nokia lumia 800. Although the os was neat and snappy, it did not gain much traction.
With the release of windows phone 8, Microsoft did manage to turn a few heads in its direction. That year was also marked by the buy of Nokia by Microsoft. The HTC 8X was the flagship for windows phone 8 but that was because Microsoft hadn't yet acquired Nokia. Windows phone 8 continuously got more and more popular after that, with it's "Metro" ui (which was later renamed "Modern") and lag less and snappy performance. This was also the result of Microsoft's huge advertising campaign of its live tiles and other features.
This year Microsoft's windows phone was updated to windows phone 8.1 with the flagship of the new Nokia Lumia 930. By this time, the lack of apps in the windows market was adderessed and the users can now install popular apps on their windows phone. However it's market share is nowhere near comparable to that of Apple and google. But all this could change if one if the companies made a small misstep.
Windows phone is neither as customizable like android and nor as minimalistic as ios but it comes somewhere in between. It is very ram efficient, at it can run games like asphalt 8 without lag in just 512mb ram and you can also multitask without any difficulty. The metro ui is also very nice, showing live tiles which always manage to display the latest information. The addition of a notification panel was a good decision, allowing you to see notifications quickly and toggle services like wifi and Bluetooth. It has also introduced data and storage control services which are really useful once you start using them. Although it might not be really popular like iOS and android, it offers you a range of budget devices like the lumia 630 and lumia 530 as well as flagships with good specs such as lumia 930 and lumia 1020.
As said before, this might not be really popular, but one misstep from google or apple, and this might even rise to the top. 

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