29 Sep 2014

The New iPad - Expectations

The next Generation of the iPad may be launched along with the iPad Mini retina mostly on October, as is the current trend with Apple. This is one of Apple's best selling devices and everyone loves it. But the big question is - What should we expect? Read more to find out.

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 Most probably, both the iPad's will ship with Touch ID that was earlier introduced in the iPhone 5s, but there might be some modifications to make it durable and much better, in addition, I (Advaith) strongly believe that both the iPad's should have at least 2GB RAM considering the fact that most of the android smartphones are having 2-3GB RAM and the iPad Air has a meagre 1 GB RAM. Although most of the users were able to sustain it due to, Apple should really consider increasing the RAM to at least 2GB in the upcoming generations of their iPads.
Moving on to the thickness, the iPad Air was very slim at 7.5mm. This is something very nice considering the fact that back then when the iPad Air was released, this received a lot of attention. Moreover, with the iPhone 6 and 6 plus around and with a thickness of only 6.7mm, an iPad with a thickness of about 7mm or less goes unsaid.

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One of the major changes that came around alongside the iPad Air was undisputedly iOS 7, which had received accolades as well as a lot of flak. But I think that Apple is evolving into a greater company and the changes that were brought about by iOS 7, mainly the UI, was due to Jony Ive, whom Steve Jobs considered his soul mate, as both of them were like minded. Maybe, by the time the next iPad releases, we will have a stable iOS which does not crash like the current iOS, which already received two updates, thanks to serious bugs. Who knows, maybe by the time it releases, iOS 9 would have come around, possibly with a friendlier design and more features. 

With the thickness decreasing, there might as well be a change in the design of the smart case and cover, to preserve the beauty of the thinness of the iPad.

Another factor to consider would be the Touch ID Sensor. Apple decided to take it on an experimental basis with the iPhone 5S, but since it was such a big hit, it might start appearing on these devices as well.
Apple should also really consider a sound File-Management system as well. They should realise that not everyone has a PC for iTunes neither can they jailbreak it to access various files on their iDevices. Why can't Apple just port Finder from Mac to iOS? Maybe Apple will address that as well.

For all we know, Apple has a lot of scope to improve its product, so lets wait and watch as to what happens next.

This article was written by Advaith, who is the founder of Techist.net. Any doubts and questions, please contact him at advaith@techist.net


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