24 Sep 2014

Gyazo - the best screenshot and .GIF tool


Screenshots of computer screens are widely used, whether to make tutorials, mockups of websites or to show proof to your friends that you achieved something in a game. But only a few people know how to take screenshots efficiently and easily.
    Gyazo is a tool for taking screenshots at ease and it has one extra feature up its sleeve, it automatically hosts your screenshot on its website, completely free of charge! In addition to this, it can also record .GIF's and .MP4's but only for a specific time frame.
   Heres a simple tutorial to get started to using Gyazo
  •  Go to Gyazo.com and download Gyazo.
  • Install the .exe file, it may take 2-3 minutes to install.
  • After installation, you will see two new icons pinned to your taskbar

  • The one on the left is for taking screenshots of the computer screen, just click on it and then you will see that a new layer is created on the screen of your computer, all you need to do is to click adn drag, and your screenshot will be uploaded withing a couple of seconds
  • The second icon of the photo reel and the lens is to take a short recording of the computer screen and convert it into a .gif or .mpq


If you are using the visual recording option, make sure you use the .mp4 option checked if you want high quality frame

Overall, Techist hopes you have understood how to take a screenshot and make the best use of Gyazo


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