25 Sep 2014

How to compress images

How to compress images

Compressing images in simple terms, means reducing the size of the image. This is used extensively at Techist.net to reduce the website loading time and to enhance user experience. In addition, this reduces the overall size of a website as images have a very big size compared to a webpage with plain text.
Just imagine yourself visiting a website but its taking too long to load. Chances are you get very frustrated and immediately close that tab and you never visit that website again. Imagine this happening to your blog or website, if your hosting provider is'nt able to cope up with the bandwidth your blog or website taking up. This can result in serious loss of valuable traffic and sometimes, even a client if you are selling services. In order to tackle this, I have come up with a comprehensive guide to help you compress images and also provide you with website links of some nice image compressing websites

I normally use CompressNow.com to compress my images because I can change the compression level according to my needs,

  • Go to www.compressnow.com and upload the image that you want to compress. Note that maximum file size is 9 MB.
Compressnow website

  • Choose the compression level,I recommend you to compress the image as much as possible because 
The smaller the size, the faster the website loads, as you can see the image's actual size is 36.2 KB but after 100% compression, the size is only 5.49 KB. That being said, the quality of the image will also deteriorate, so make sure you choose the level
Compressing a logo which i whipped up

  • Compress it and download it
  • Use the image in your blog or website. 


It is very important to compress images but not too much, otherwise the image will be of low quality which is not acceptable by anyone. Hope you leanrt something good in this tutorial and we at Techist.net are coming up with some amazing tutorials and content. Stay tuned!


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