28 Sep 2014

Galaxy Alpha, a new phone by samsung - SNIPPET

Samsung has announced Galaxy Alpha smartphone in India at a price of 39,990. The smartphone will be available in the market by the first week of October.

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 The Galaxy Alpha has a decent 4.7 inch 720p super AMOLED display and comes with Android 4.4.4 KitKat out of the box, which is pretty amazing considering the fact that many phones are yet to get the update. Interestingly, the standout feature of this smartphone is undoubtedly the thickness, which is just 6.7 mm and much slimmer than that of many devices which have been rolled out at a higher price, for example the iPad Air is 7.5mm thick and the latest iPhone 6 is 6.9 mm thick while the 6 Plus is 7.1 mm thick. This fact has already generated a lot of discussions and has created quite a buzz. The dimensions of the Galaxy Alpha are 132.4 x 65.5 x 6.7mm. Apart from the thickness, the chipset is yet another attraction with an Octa - Core processor which can handle pretty much anything. In addition, the Galaxy Alpha packs in it a 2GB RAM and has 32GB inbuilt memory.Sadly, you cannot expand your storage with a memory card.The phone also has a 1860 mah battery. In my opinion, there should have been a better battery because most of the people who buy this phone are sure to consume massive amount of data which will reduce the battery rapidly.
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   Coming towards the camera, the Galaxy Alpha has a 12 MP (megapixel) camera and has a 2.1 MP(megapixel) front camera which is sure to make the selfie addicts happy.
  The device also features 4G compatibility and there are a couple of offers for the buyers when 4G is launched in India. The phonecomes in 3 colour variants, which are Frosted Gold, Charcoal Black and Dazzling White. The phone looks very promising but nobody can predict what will be the response of the massive Indian smartphone market, which is rapidly Increasing

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