27 Sep 2014

Wearable tech for newbies

The 21st century has seen many advancements and the most recent is the development of wearable tech. You don't need to take it out of your pocket or power it on every time  you need to see something, but it will be delivered right to you by your smart watch or smart glasses (yes glasses that you can wear on your head).
This is not a new concept as it existed before in movies and games. The only thing that has changed is that now it is possible to wear and use them in the real world.
With tech giants like Apple and Google making wearables, the new age of wearable technology has begun. Here at Techist.net, we cover the various new releases in this field.

Motorola Moto 360  pestoverde/Flickr

The first among these is google's group, that is, android  wear. It is a pretty good operating system, which uses neat little gestures and swipes to navigate around the system. You can swipe up or down to navigate between apps and swipe left or right to dismiss notifications. You can also reply to mails and texts using google's voice sensing application, which is really accurate. Various devices use this operating system, giving you a multitude of options. You have the LG G watch, the gear live and the moto 360. Although the G watch and the gear live are similar with a square shaped display, the moto 360 has a round display with a small bezel on the bottom, making it look breathtaking. The three devices have almost the same specs. Recently, following the steps of Motorola, LG released the G Watch R, a smart watch with a similar round display. How it performs in the hands of an average user is yet to be seen.
Apple has also released its armada of smart watches (yes an armada and not just one watch) called Apple Watch and not iWatch as expected. It has a sapphire crystal display and has a physical button and a scroll wheel called the "digital crown", which apple made a big deal of, to use for zooming in and out. It also has a heart rate sensor and infrared sensor underneath it along with a charging solution that sticks to the back instead of having to be plugged in. It is powered by apple's smart watch specific os. It comes in two sizes and three variants -  watch, a watch with a stainless steel casing, watch sport, a watch with an aluminum case and watch edition, a watch with an 18 carat gold case. It also offers a bunch of options for the bands. It is a very colorful product.
Companies like Samsung and Sony have also released smart wrist bands for their flagship devices like the gear neo powered by custom operating systems. Smart watches like the pebble steel are also very popular.

LG’s G Watch R  pestoverde/Flickr

Google also has one more trick up its sleeve and that's called google glass. You don't even need to raise your wrist up to see it because it is always in front of your eyes. It connects with your phone via Bluetooth and you can see all your notifications without any efforts after that. You can operate it with gestures on the touch sensitive rim. It also has a camera which means that you can capture photos an record videos. The only issue is that the device heats up with continuous use making it really uncomfortable for a power user. But the upcoming google glass 2 might address this problem. Then again, this is the first batch of the wearable tech so we have to expect some bugs because we are human after all.
Those of you who are in a dilemma of whether or not to buy these wearable gadgets, here is the answer. If you use your devices for gaming and taking selfies and such stuff, then wearables are not for you. But if you use it for checking emails and notifications, our recommendation is go for it. Why take your phone out off your pocket when you can have it delivered to your wrists or eyes?
Techist.net will be covering more on wearables soon, stay tuned. In addition if you have any queries regarding wearable tech, or are confused as to which smart watch to buy, please comment below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

This article was written by Vignesh Shankar, another admin at Techist.net, for queries please email him at vignesh@techist.net 


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