3 May 2015


Apple watch has arrived, it's light,well designed, elegant, and it fits right in your Apple tech collection. Is that enough of a reason to buy it ?
If you are iPhone, iPad tablet or iMac computer user, now you can complete your set with another piece of cutting edge technology - Apple's smartwatch.


First and foremost, a pleasant surprise to watch owner's comes from the simplicity and pretty fast interface interaction.It takes just a few soconds to get
to every option, and if we add gesture recognition on top of that, it makes the experience even more exciting.
Apple Watch keeps track of every major news and updates, like Twitter, stock market, upgrades and more, anything you want and set up is just a few "touches" away.
Of course, pairing it up with your iPhone5 and above smartphone is just as easy and elegant, but does pairing work with android smartphone also ? Well, not exactly ...


Apple Pay is another trending feature that is available and supported by this smartwatch, allowing Apple Watch users to pay for goods and services, only by using this smartwatch, and a
linked credit or debit card to their Apple Pay account.
On this smartwatch you can use all of your favorite applications, like Uber,Shazam,WeChat,Twitter,Facebook,Instagram, and many others.

Besides using Apple Watch touchscreen and gesture recognition, you can control the smartwatch using Siri - a built in, "intelligent assistant" that enables Apple users to operate
their devices and apps using voice commands.

If you want to stay in shape, and live healthy, this watch can also be of assistance.Apple Watch can be used to keep track of your heart pulse and workout sessions, and also 
warns you if you are spending too much time at your desk by advising you to take action, and start moving,running,training...


Apple Watch is a part of cutting edge technology that has started being a part of our everyday's life. And altho some people will look at it from a critical point, pointing out
to it's price, only iPhone5 and obove pairing ability and somewhat short battery life, others will jump right in and add this watch to their Apple devices collection, and enjoy prestige and modern design.
In the end, the choice is yours, but if it fits in your budget and the cutting edge tech is a part of your profile, why not ? 

Image credits:Shinya Suzuki/flickr


16 Feb 2015

11 methods on how to save android phone battery life

Before learning  how to save android phone battery life, lets discuss a little about android.
The android operating system has been considered to be one of the most popular mobile operating systems. This particular mobile operating system has revolutionized the world of mobile technology. The best part of android supported smart phone is that here you can have a huge amount of highly useful applications and some of the apps are very useful. As an android phone user you might have already realized the importance of having a long lasting battery life. Sometimes, a little extra battery life matters in a very significant way. Being a smart phone user it is really important to know how to optimize your battery life so that you can have an extended battery life. There are different ways to save your battery life. In this article, you will find 11 methods how to save android phone battery life without compromising any phone activities.

First of all, it is really important to find exactly what is taking away maximum amount of battery juice. Determining the cause of battery draining is really crucial. Most of the latest android smart phones provide the information about your battery usages and if your smart phone has no service like this then you can simply download an apps for free of cost and there you can find all the details of your battery usages. All you have to do is go the “Setting Option” of your smart phone and then you should go to the “About Us” where you can see the “Battery Life” option and you can easily see the usage there. On the basis of this date you can change the phone setting.

Dim the backlight:

Backlight itself consumes huge amount of battery charge. In that case lowering the backlight brightness would be the most intelligent decision. An android smart with low brightness backlight works for more time.

Keep dark colored background

If your phone has AMOLED screen then you should use dark background because this type of screen only illuminates the colored pixels. Always remember one thing that dark background would help you to save more battery.

Avoid auto brightness

Don’t use auto brightness feature because it is way brighter than you actually need. You should control the brightness manually and keep the brightness low when you are not using the phone.

Deactivate the vibration mode

Phone vibration takes more power from your battery. Always try not to use the vibration option.

Always use original battery for your smart phone

Presently the market is already over-flooded with different cheap batteries manufactured by local companies. The worst part of using such battery is that it comes with very poor performance and it would damage your phone also.

Make proper use of your wireless connection

You should keep your Bluetooth, WIFI, mobile date, NFC, GPS turned off when you actually don’t need the internet connection. All these wireless media consumes huge amount of battery life.

Use mobile data instead of WiFi

WIFI takes more battery power than using normal mobile data and that’s the reason you should use mobile data most of the time when you need to access internet.

Don’t use a live wall paper

Yes, it’s true that live wallpaper looks really good but at the same time it consumes a significant amount of battery also.

Don’t keep running background applications

You should not keep multiple applications running in the background of your window. Running apps always juices out more battery life. Navigate to the task manager and close all the running applications.

Set a low screen time off

Screen time out is that value of time after which your display is switched off and you should put a minimum time out option for your window.

Use power saving mode

The power saving mode, when turned on, makes the optimum use of your resources and thus helps in decreasing the consumption of the smartphone battery.

Overall, we hope that you have learn't quite a bit on how to save android batter life.


11 Feb 2015

The State of the Windows 10 Preview in early February


Do not go by the title as the February build has not yet been released, the developers outside Microsoft are still stuck with the January build, i.e., Build 9926 of Windows 10 Technical Preview. On the plus side, however, it is very stable, stable enough to be used as a daily driver. It has many new features such as the new Universal Office apps, Cortana and the new Settings Panel for a start.

New Stuff

New Action Buttons
When you boot up Windows 10, the very first thing you’ll notice is that   the Start screen is gone. The second, you’ll notice the new Windows Aero style, opaque taskbar and Windows, and their new Close, Minimize and Restore Buttons. The next thing that will catch your eye is the Search bar on the taskbar. But when you open it, if you’re outside the United States, you’ll find that Cortana is not available for your region. However, you can gain access to Cortana by signing in from a Microsoft account that has the region set to United States, and your Computer also has the region set to United States.



Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, is one of the first voice assistants on PC, since Google Now is just a voice search, and it does not have the feature to freely converse with it. Cortana, even in its early stages, has a good voice recognition engine, and it works well even if you have a foreign accent, which, in my case is Indian. Also, Cortana is unique in a way that she has her Notebook, in which she stores all that she knows about you, which makes each person’s Cortana unique.


Xbox App

Another new addition to the Windows Operating System is the Xbox app, which, in some ways, functions like Steam. It connects to your Xbox live account, and lets you make friends, chat with them, play multiplayer etc. Another new feature is that you can stream your Xbox games directly to your PC, so, if you have a Windows 10 PC and an Xbox one, it’s all you need for gaming.

The Xbox App


Microsoft is now concentrating on bringing all the three platforms – Phone, Tablet and Computers, together. It calls this feature Continuum. You will now have a tablet mode which will make the OS more tablet friendly. Microsoft has now scrapped the charms bar, and now has a notifications button near the clock, which will show you the notifications and toggles for various settings.

Universal Apps

The settings app has been improved and it carries a new design, which makes it look extremely good. And as you have probably heard, the start menu is back! It has a new design, with the metro view as well as an all app view. Also, Microsoft’s Continuum includes Universal Apps. The modern apps which always went full screen can now be resized if tablet mode is off, which is a big improvement. All of the modern apps are now Universal, and Microsoft has released previews of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, all of which carry the Universal design language. These apps have all the features of the Office you know, but some of them are restricted to an Office 365 subscription.

Powerpoint Preview
Word Preview
OneNote Preview
Excel Preview


And all that is what is in the current build of Windows 10. We will give you an update all about the newer updates as soon as they are out. Stay Tuned!


3 Jan 2015

UK MP's Statement On Bitcoin

The UK House of Commons has debated for the first time since 1844, the matter of money creation, and to expand it further, the matter of regulating Bitcoin in the United Kingdom. The topic was brought about by the MP Steve Baker, the recent elect to the Treasury Select Committee, the committee which monitors the UK treasury. Baker, a Bitcoin user himself, recommended that the government do not create new regulations for the said cryptocurrency and other altcoins, but instead that they consider the possibilities of regulating cryptocurrencies under the current law. Baker, a distinguished member of the House of Commons, has a very good track record which gives him the position to debate upon the subject of regulating Bitcoin in the United Kingdom. He completed a Masters degree in computers in Oxford, and has worked in many IT based jobs, the most notable of which is service for the Lehman Brothers, a distinguished company. He was later elected MP of Wycombe in May and was chosen in the Select Committee later after that. Baker believes that the world of innovation should not be tarnished by interruptions from the governments, and that the statement holds as long as the innovation or the development going on is legal, and as anyone can see, Bitcoin is legal. He also pointed out that the UK government is actually having a positive outlook towards Bitcoin and is very interested in cryptocurrencies as well. Baker believes firmly that new laws do not need to be made and also has quite a good justification for taking this kind of stance. He said that cryptocurrencies are just tools, one can do whatever they wish to do with them, just like money can be used for illicit purposes, then so can Bitcoin. Since the similarities between regular money and Bitcoin are of a big number, he believes that the existing laws can be molded to form regulations for cryptocurrencies as well. He says that cryptocurrencies are available to a limited number of people willing to take risks, so let the government not hinder them in their use of the online currency. Now you may think why is Bitcoin still limited to a group willing to take risks. Here is why. The way you have to buy Bitcoin from exchanges and the instability in its price is the reason people don’t want to get into the field. Baker explained the process as being cumbersome. To buy Bitcoin, he had to open a currency trading account, buy Euros for the same and wire the amount to the exchange that he used (Kraken) to get the amount in Bitcoin. He also lost around €250 due to the instability of the price over the passage of time. He also pointed out that he didn’t deal in the black markets as well. Baker said that although the price of Bitcoin is very unstable, the transaction security and the payment system are really good. He also speculated that within a certain amount of time, Bitcoin prices might stabilize, and we would be spending cryptocurrencies without apprehension, which is a pleasant thought. Overall, the UK government has been positive about cryptocurrencies, so we can expect more exciting developments and good news for Bitcoin from this region of the world.

28 Dec 2014

Legality of bitcoin in the US, UK and France

Bitcoin, the popular crypto currency is of significance to many law-enforcement agencies and governments, mostly because the legal term of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies has not yet evolved to its final form. It may also be because that Bitcoin is an anonymous currency; people will not be able to track payments unless they are very proficient at hacking, at which, unfortunately, most of the world are not good at.

Zach Copley/ flickr

In other words, Bitcoin could be used for paying terrorists, money laundering, black market deals and many more wrongdoings in that point of outlook. So it is very interesting to see the legal issues and interpretations concerned with or of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
Cheap codes for your websiteFirst of all, Bitcoin has already been used in illicit activities and there is a 90% chance that it is still being used in those kinds of activities while you are reading this article. Also, since the users if Bitcoin are spread out throughout the world, there is also the chance that, if you find a criminal who uses Bitcoin, he is perhaps in a country where he cannot be persecuted for his activities.
In many countries, the definition of Bitcoin is still very much unclear, and this has prompted the rise of many black markets, some of which were fortunately shut down. Silk Road, one of these sites, traded many illegal goods, including drugs, with the use of only Bitcoin, which allowed both the dealer as well as the buyer to remain untraceable. Recently, however, Silk Road was shut down, and a huge amount was to be auctioned off.
But can the use of Bitcoin be controlled? Yes, but the way they are will vary from country to country. Here some info about a few powerful countries and their steps in the directions of regulating Bitcoin.

The United States of America

 Since the United States has a multitude of states with each of them having their own legislation, the Bitcoin regulations is different for each state. Some states like New York are quite active in pursuing these policies but others like South Carolina and Montana are not much into the regulating business. California is now planning to


Overall, France has a very positive atmosphere concerning the subject of Bitcoin. There were Senate hearings in the starting of this year (2014), and they were focused mainly on the possibilities and opportunities which could be harnessed due to the development of cryptocurrencies and how the current laws could be used to catch the offenders. The Ministry decided that Bitcoin becoming illegal was not an option, and that they needed to make decisions. In April 2014, the decision was made that revenues earned in Bitcoin will be subject to taxes.

United Kingdom

In March 2014, the UK ministry decided that VAT (Value Added Tax) will be applicable to Bitcoin transactions, although it will not officially be treated as a currency. More recently, the Chancellor announced a program which will explore the potential impact of Bitcoin in the economy. In December 2014, Steve Baker brought back the topic of money recreation after a gap of more than a century to the parliament. He insisted that UK does not create more laws to regulate Bitcoin, but instead use the existing laws to do so.

In conclusion, you can say that the world has just received a gift, but is unsure of its uses and is checking it out. We can say that within a few more years, we will have a clear definition of the use of Bitcoin, and that the world will be ready to start using the gift in the right manner.

23 Dec 2014

IFTTT- automate the internet for you!

Have you ever wanted to make something on the internet automated, free of cost? If its a yes, I have got something exactly what you need- IFTTT

Wondering what that is?  Well IFTTT stands for if this then that, basically it works on the principles of triggers and actions to be carried out. Also, this nifty tool will help you in managing your social media accounts also!

Here at Techist.net, we use IFTTT to automate our facebook and twitter posts and it works 
like a breeze. Why do we do this? Well, we don't want to waste our time of social media and focus on other things such as creating info graphics, researching, keyword research etc. Moreover, this saves a lot of time and what really matters is the content which should be top notch. You can update your followers/fans about new posts on your blog, submit content to reddit automatically, and much more, in fact this is just a small portion of all the features IFTTT has. For some, this might not be great, but Im sure that for a majority of the people out there, this service is really going to be helpful. 

The company raised $7 million in series A funding in late 2012 and further raised $30 million in series B funding in august 2014. This has provided the company a perfect launch pad for pretty much everything ranging from hiring to new upgrades. The best part about IFTTT s that they're a free service! Thats right folks, completely free but it has been a routine process for me to research how they plan to monetize this amazing service and if you are interested in this, please stay updated and visit Techist.net regularly, because I'm surely going to whip up a post in the coming few days regarding how IFTTT can be monetized because this service is surely bound to get more and more poupular in the near future.

To start using different services, you first need to activate channels, which are varied accounts such as facebook, twitter, reddit, digg, delicious etc. Once you've activated them, you can create a receipe in which you

  • create a trigger, for example, lets take the blogger account. You choose the option that says whenever theres a new post which acts as a trigger for the action to be performed.

  • Next, you create an "Action channel" which is the automated stuff whenever a trigger is created. For example, you want to automate your facebook posting on your wordpress blog or blogger blog, you create a trigger which is really easy by choosing your CMS service and then you need to customize the trigger. Then you will need to create an action, and choose facebook pages for that, and then you can further customize the action which can be the text content snippet etc.

Overall, all I can say is that IFTTT is a really promising service and I am really curious to know how they might monetize their service. IFTTT is a perfect blend of simplicity coupled with a capability to perform the required task and in the current era, thats exactly what is required.


20 Dec 2014

Cicle Bitcoin exchange's new app

This is the era of a new, of a more flat design concept. Apple introduced it in iOS 7, Android was more slower, taking its time, until they came up with the concept of Material Design, a design concept with elements behaving like those in the real world. Also, material design introduces a very flat UI for the user.
Now, having these very beautiful design concepts, you do need an app for all the fields which provides you this beauty. In terms of crypto currency, and more specifically, Bitcoin, there will be a lot of users wishing for a wallet that offers aesthetics as well as functions. Circle, a finance company which operates in Bitcoin, has released a mobile wallet app which seemingly satisfies the users. Its simplicity and security have been the factors which have made it very popular.
Also, like any other app, this one too has a few extra tricks up its sleeves. The app allows you to send payment requests via email, and if the recipient is a circle user, he can just click a link to pay. Alternatively, if he is not a circle user, he can choose to either make a circle account or to forward it using a Bitcoin address. Also, if you are a Apple user and you have a device with Touch-ID, then you can confirm transactions with your fingerprint.
In conclusion, Circle is one of the first Bitcoin Wallet apps to carry Material Design and in addition, it is free as well, with some nifty features added on to it. So, our recommendation is, download it since you will not get a better package of design and functionality anywhere else.